And I Am Sorry

This comic marks my return to sketching comics out on paper, then cleaning them up on the computer. For the past couple of months I’ve been sketching comics digitally, but in order to keep my eyes off a screen for a for few extra hours per week, I’ve gone back to traditional sketching. Also, lines are just easier to draw on paper.

I liked how this comic turned out at first, but am less enthusiastic about it now. As for the joke… well… this comic doesn’t aim very high. It’s free, after all.

Seeing as this post will be auto-posted when Otakon is getting started, here’s the Mistakes of Youth meet up details.

See you there…!

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15 Responses to And I Am Sorry

  1. Cmdr C says:


  2. shindou says:

    I love the total lecherous look on Tina’s face when she starts.

  3. Fujoshi fulfillment at last,

  4. sup says:

    Tina’s expression is excellent.

  5. Zelkiiro says:

    With great strain, he drops a log into the bowl! A monumental log! RIGHT IN THE BOWL!!

  6. Hey there says:

    …er, wait a second there Tina. Wasn’t this supposed to be about things he does on a regular day?

  7. Anonimous says:

    Just what is he hand doing there?

  8. InazumaKick says:

    So Tina’s not KaijixAkagi? I thought that was the most popular pairing!

    Fun comic, and once again yes, Tina’s expression in panel 4 is great.

  9. TheBigN says:

    Still pretty awesome though.

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