Okay, so here’s another comic. These things actually take up a fair amount of my time, so I’m not sure how often I want to do one… maybe I should just keep making them until I get really fast at making them. I also I wanna get some illustrations done too, but those take up slightly less time so that’s not too difficult… just a mater of coming up with a good idea.

Anyway, I’ve never entered the Mandarake in Ikebukuro, mostly because my friend told me going in there “makes you gay.” I have wandered through the josei-muke floor at Mandarake Akiba with people before, and it’s really not as bad or as in-your-face as the dansei-muke floor, but it is quite… emasculating. I would like to try fujoshi nanpa there, but I don’t really have the nads to do something like that. Also, they’re probably more interested in the dudes featured in the books they’re buying.

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9 Responses to Deathpit

  1. Anon22 says:

    I guess that’s one place I need to add to my visit list.

  2. Rebecca Miyamoto says:

    So, what… it’s like Toranoana for fujoshi? I am unfamiliar with this place.

    • wah says:

      Well, there are already floors on Toranoana for Fujoshi.

      Mandarake is a general otaku used goods shop, but the one in Ikebukuro is all BL.

      • Rebecca Miyamoto says:

        Aha. That might have something to do with Ikebukuro’s usual clientele, in terms of the otaku-inclined.

        Thanks for explaining. Good comic as usual.

  3. Hey there says:

    “my friend told me going in there “makes you gay.” ”

    For a lot of people that ship already sailed when they got into traps.

  4. Annie says:

    I love Mandarake…in the safety of my home on my computer.

  5. InazumaKick says:

    Buahaha, I freakin’ LOVE the bastion of everything that is undersexed, nerdy and female that is Otome Road,from the cute otaku girl dragging some bored guy in a 50000yen suit from 109 around to the small crowds of university-aged ponytail-and-glasses going spare over Tiger and Bunny figurines and whinging about the Ranma live action film. It’s pure atmosphere. Naturally even thought I have no interest in the love that dare not speak its name I had to venture into the BL Dungeon that is the Mandarake out of sheer curiousity.

    I find the place to be kind of unnaturally yellow, in addition to the floors and shelves there are halogen bulbs in there that probably should’ve been replaced in 1998. Stepping in, the entire place just exudes the atmosphere of unused vagina, even if many of its patrons look pretty normal. I was very disappoint with some of their sections (and entire LotR section and not ONE GimlixLegolas?! COME ON!) and a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of Tiger and Bunny doujinshi, but oddly enough I never felt out of place. The entirely female clientele just kind of ignored me, and even when I went to buy something (for a friend…) the lady at the counter seemed more interested in getting back to whatever she was reading behind the counter than helping me out. I guess that crosses it off as a potential place to talk to ladies because as you pointed out they’re probably way more interested in dudes with roses and chains in manga than actual dudes.

    Dunno what’s going on with Rets’ face in Panel 3 but aside from that the comic looks pretty good. I like the muted colour pallette, very evocative.

  6. Dr. Who says:

    Nice bright atmosphere for the backgrounds. The bold red and impact feel of panel one rocked my face off!

    Some fujoshi are only interested in 2D, just as some male otaku are only interested in 2D. This shouldn’t be that much of a shock.

  7. Komidol says:

    Tora no Ana in Ikebukuro was always my home…I never felt so at home as I did on the fourth floor with the Carnival Phantasm OP playing all day admist all the doujinshi and eroge.

    Though I did go into the BL floor in Tora no Ana once before I left Japan at my friend’s request. I can honestly say seeing the Kaiji doujinshi was an experience I will never forget.

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