Lady Killer

This one goes out to Colony Drop.

I figured I should bring Brad back into the new comic as soon as possible, especially considering that he hasn’t really been around lately. Also, while I usually portray Brad as some kind of pillar of normality and social acceptability, he’s still a nerd working in an anime shop, just a different kind of nerd from Rets and Tina. As such, he has nerdy problems of his own.

I’m not unhappy with the art here, but as usual, I would like to do better. I’m not sure if the angle of the ceiling is correct in that first panel, and I think the faces all around look kind of dumb. Also, I accidentally gave Brad a long sleeved aloha shirt. I guess it can’t be helped…

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11 Responses to Lady Killer

  1. combat says:

    I want to know how something qualifies as half a date

  2. Dr. Who says:

    I like the art in this one, even if you think it’s passable. To me, the screen textures and color tones look very good.
    I’d… rather not google genocyber this evening, but my judgement says it’s a funny term when applied to a comic.

    A+, would internet webcomic again!

  3. Hey there says:

    Half a date would be if you met them, sat down to eat or watch a movie or something, then they left without finishing their meal/the movie/what have you.

    My critique on this comic’s art is that Brad looks a bit younger yet balding the first panel. Otherwise pretty good. As for the long sleeved aloha shirt, just pretend it’s a fusion between an aloha shirt and one of them Japanese Happi coats.

    Also Brad not playing the straight man/tsukkomi for once is…different. I sort of prefer him as a character that seems like he was tossed into some alternate universe with no escape, forced to work in a shop that he hates and doesn’t understand and interact with customers he despises. The idea he actually cares about anime makes his character less of a caricature and I’m not entirely sure if the supporting cast needs to be expanded on as much as the two main characters.

    Or to put it another way – Huh. Brad’s not JUST a barren shell of a man stewing in his personal hell. He also likes anime.

    All in all, fun!

  4. AkuT says:

    “Brad?s … a barren shell of a man stewing in his personal hell.”

    I enjoyed the idea that he was in his personal hell a whole lot more.

  5. H Newcomb says:

    That’s not a long sleeve Hawaiian shirt, that’s a jacket or sports coat with a tee shirt under it. Some cosplay concept that didn’t quite work maybe? Or it might be an alternative reason it was only half a date.

  6. wah says:

    I guess I’ve always had it in my mind that Brad was an old-school anime fan, but I guess I never made that obvious in the comic. Well, better late than never, right…

    Don’t worry, he’s still stewing in his own personal hell and is stuck in an environment stuck with people he doesn’t understand. I just kind of want to show that he’s a fucked up nerd, too.

  7. Zelkiiro says:

    Brad will forever be my hero.

  8. kgods says:

    Hey, Brad is back.

    To those unaware, Genocyber was a really violent OVA series akin to M.D. Geist.

  9. Catherine Meyers says:

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  10. anono says:

    What’s wrong with her face in panel 2, and what’s wrong with her face and body in panel 3

    /disappear for 4 months for about 5-6 new strips


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