Lost Time

Hey! It’s been a while! Here’s a comic!

As far as the artwork goes, it ain’t prefect, but I did kind of what I wanted to do.

As far as the writing goes, between this comic and the last one I’ve been trying to talk about some kind of personal stuff. I like to say that Rets isn’t a stand-in for me, but instead of trying to just make another bad porno joke (don’t worry, I still got a ton of those…) I wanted to put a sharp-edged spin on some epiphanies I had several months ago regarding being a nerd, and how you really shouldn’t let that fuck up your Real Life. Heck, part of the reason why this comic is updated so rarely is because I’ve been finally trying to enjoy my “real life.” Though, I think I’ve enjoyed it a bit too much, which is why I spent my evening finishing off this comic instead of having dinner with someone.

I think I’ve almost got a good grip on my free time. I can’t guarantee regular updates, but I’ll try to get stuff up more frequently than once every couple of months.

For the one person who is starved for updates from me, please take a look at my somewhat updated blog Analog Housou, or my more frequently updated Twitter account.

See you whenever!

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7 Responses to Lost Time

  1. Yuriko says:

    Your art is getting really good.

  2. InazumaKick says:

    Man panel 4 is fucking gold. I also like that Rets’ drinks 80s mech show antagonist wine.

    I don’t begrudge you your personal life whatsoever, but it is good to see a comic again :)

  3. Sorrior says:

    I’m gonna be honest i really liked the old sense of humor and the latest one feel a wee but “preachy”.

    That said i understand what you mean by getting more of a social life as well as leaving some things behind. Still i associate more with Rets than Tina.

  4. Raim says:

    I hope things are okay over there for you. It feels like your latest comics have taken a turn for the dark. Been reading these for a long time, and enjoyed them. Don’t want things to turn sour for you and your adventures.

    • wah says:

      The latest comics are more reflections of past things rather than a mirror for how I feel now. I’m actually quite content with life right now.

      I’d like to update this more, but–and I know this is the obvious excuse–life is getting in the way. Read Analog Housou and my Twitter for more up-to-date stuff.

  5. Ranmaru says:

    Did something happen? These comics haven’t been updated for over a year?

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