Love Me Love Me

I don’t want to become one of those webcomic authors who has to constantly apologize for late updates, so I’m… not going to do that. I used to be concerned with how many visitors and stuff I get, but now I don’t really care. If you like this comic enough to keep up with its crappy update schedule, you have my thanks!

Speaking of crappy, this comic doesn’t look too hot either. I think I tried to take characters’ positions into account by drawing one bigger than the other but it just looks weird. I probably could have resized things a bit but… I forgot.

Anyway, Rets is a horrible person.

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17 Responses to Love Me Love Me

  1. Rebecca Miyamoto says:

    Yes, Rets is a horrible person. We’ve all known that for a very long time.

    Also, if Haruhi’s “Remote Island Syndrome” is anything to go by, that kind of alcohol consumption would never get into a TV anime. A light novel, maybe.

    • wah says:

      Haruhi characters get drank in the books? Damn, now I GOTTA read ‘em.

      • Rebecca Miyamoto says:

        Yep. They totally get smashed in the novel version of Remote Island Syndrome.
        It wasn’t in the anime because showing kids drinking alcohol is kind of frowned upon on Japanese TV.

        Also, Kyon’s sister doesn’t come with them in the novel (she probably manages it in the anime to further dissuade their drinking). They had to change a line in a later episode to reflect this, since Haruhi says originally “I’m never touching alcohol again”… which wouldn’t make sense in the anime, since she was referencing their bender in Remote Island Syndrome.

  2. Zelkiiro says:

    For the Tiger & Bunny reference, you must now draw Rets as Kotetsu and Brad as Barnaby.

    In the suits.

  3. Hey there says:

    At least he’s not being deliberately pedo this time around.

    Just…generally depraved.

  4. tired says:

    Tine looks younger than usual, not that it’s bad. More frequent updates would be cool but the reason why I like this site is because I like it not because it has certain update frequency. That probably didn’t make much sense, time to sleep.

  5. InazumaKick says:

    I love how both Rets and Tina just kind of ignore Tina’s very true shot at Rets. I have to disagree with her though: Rets has been at that point for a while before now.

  6. Annie says:

    Firstly: yay! a new comic! :D I’ve been looking forward to it, and to see a lil something about im@s made me pretty happy!

    I think someone should make a m@d video of that for sure!

    Great comic!

  7. mer2329 says:

    this is my fiirst comment so i have been kinda a lurker…
    i started reading about a year ago (i always start from the first) and i like what i see
    if not so regular comics are needed thats fine with me.

    you have my thanks for comtinuing

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