My Wife

Augh! I am so late! And this comic sucks, too! It’s not drawn well! I don’t even know if it’s funny!

But it is based on something real: One time on Twitter I remarked that I liked slutty Mugi doujinshi, and out of nowhere some dude made it clear to me that I was BLOCKED.

Not as good as what happens in this comic, but the same sort of thing.

I actually have a few ideas for future comics, it’s just a matter of drawing them… I want to try for at least two a month… that look good. A perfect world would be weekly, but I just can’t work that fast yet. I really should practice drawing…

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15 Responses to My Wife

  1. InazumaKick says:

    Man, I have to admit I do find this pretty funny, if only because I remember that and found it fucking hilarious. Brofist on slutty Mugi doujins being the best. Possibly my favourite thing about the whole Keion phenomenon.

  2. Brian says:

    On your last update you said “I donít want to become one of those webcomic authors who has to constantly apologize for late updates, so IímÖ not going to do that.” And here you are apologising! Stop that! Your comics are funny! It doesn’t matter if you don’t update that frequently, you know? We all understand that you have a life and other things going on :)

  3. Kidflame says:

    dude the art in this one isn’t as bad as you think, sure it may not be how you wanted but at least it didn’t come out looking like three year old scribbles. and yeah hella funny

  4. Brek kapitany says:

    Slutty Mugi doujins? I guess I am interested after all..

  5. Yuriko says:

    I think your art is really good. I never understood how you made all these high quality pics each week.

  6. wah says:

    I quite like ICHI NI SAN SHI GO-HAN!!!

    That was so long ago that I forgot! LOL

    Are you the guy?

    Thanks, but I still have a ways to go! Wish it could still be every week, though :(

  7. Hey there says:

    Pfft, Mugi.

    Ritsu all the way.

  8. Annie says:

    Hey, the art’s not bad, I love Tina’s outfit!

    Wow. I know some people like that, but none that would outright punch me in the face. :D

  9. Tsumigi Kotobuki says:

    It hurt to have that many in me. ;_;

    It still felt awesome though.

  10. Dr. Who says:

    “No one says bad things about my waifu!” Say this at the platform. Do it.
    Also, was your host down a couple days ago? Both MOY and AH were unresolveable.

  11. enyo says:

    ahahahahaahhahaha that was hillarious xD

  12. sepukuTora says:

    The guy in the second frame has no power and needs a better stance. Turd polishing, houses on sand, and all that.

    That being said I really do like your work. Loosen up a little man. Don’t worry about the small things. Just focus on making an emotional impact through the art and dialogue. You’re doing that 99% of the time so I’d say you’re a rock star. That frame is the only one I don’t like in the whole series!

    Not only that but come on; your production quality is almost as good as modern anime in some off these. Focus on the story and character development. There’s more to writing a good song than just good technique.

    Everyone has off days sometimes. You can just leave those out of the compilation or redo them later. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you do enough for a compilation by the way. : D

  13. Magusman says:

    I actually laughed out loud at this one. Nice. And echoing what some others have been saying: your art isn’t as bad as you think it is. It can be improved, sure, but it’s far from bad.

    And I know I’m coming in almost two months late to comment, but I haven’t checked MOY because I assumed it was on indefinite hold. You’ve been averaging 1.5 comics per month since February… but that’s better than nothing~ Hope you find more time to update!

  14. Johnson says:

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