It’s gonna be a comic a month until I can make these things in under six hours. It’s fun, it’s just a lot of work!

Anyway, here’s a comic about creepy stores in Akiba.

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12 Responses to Paradise

  1. shindou says:

    why do I feel like I’ve walked past that place? ww

  2. Annie says:

    Oh god…And somehow..I wanna be there.

  3. Hey there says:

    JAPAN: Where it’s not creepy since their age of consent is 13 (in some places).

    No wait. Still creepy.

  4. Rothgard says:

    You lost we with this one.

  5. Yuriko says:

    Awww…. :( U-15…..

  6. wah says:

    Yo, you still in Japan! Sorry for being silent for so long, we should hang out again!

    You really don’t, trust me.

    >>Hey there
    Actually while the national age is 13, all the prefectures have it at more reasonable ages.

    How so? wwwww

    Yeah, it’s a pretty gross store.

  7. eurocanard says:

    If you don’t mind my asking…what do they sell?

  8. Panderbär says:

    hahaha… i like it :D

  9. InazunaKick says:

    Ah, the good ol’ MoY mainstay, paedophilia. Really like the continuity of expression between panels 1 and 2, at different angles even!

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