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Lost Time

Hey! It’s been a while! Here’s a comic! As far as the artwork goes, it ain’t prefect, but I did kind of what I wanted to do. As far as the writing goes, between this comic and the last one … Continue reading

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Hey! It’s a comic! Between the last comic and this one I’ve done a bunch of living, and I kind of wanted to represent that experience in this comic. What I’m trying to illustrate in this comic is two extremes, … Continue reading

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It’s gonna be a comic a month until I can make these things in under six hours. It’s fun, it’s just a lot of work! Anyway, here’s a comic about creepy stores in Akiba.

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Okay, so here’s another comic. These things actually take up a fair amount of my time, so I’m not sure how often I want to do one… maybe I should just keep making them until I get really fast at … Continue reading

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My Wife

Augh! I am so late! And this comic sucks, too! It’s not drawn well! I don’t even know if it’s funny! But it is based on something real: One time on Twitter I remarked that I liked slutty Mugi doujinshi, … Continue reading

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Love Me Love Me

I don’t want to become one of those webcomic authors who has to constantly apologize for late updates, so I’m… not going to do that. I used to be concerned with how many visitors and stuff I get, but now … Continue reading

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The Final Decision We All Must Take

It’s been a while! Sadly, I still can’t promise regular updates at this point, but I’ll try my best to put stuff out (that means comics, illustrations AND blog posts) in a regular fashion. As my hobbies are both time … Continue reading

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Heart of Darkness

Since nearly a month had passed between making the last comic and this current one, there’s a distinct drop in quality due to me not having any real opportunities to draw between when I left the States and when I … Continue reading

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Nonstop to Tokyo

Gosh I drew this like… a month ago? Probably more, since I drew it before I came to Japan. Anyway, since I’ve been here for a while at this point, Rets and Tina are tagging along. Hopefully I’ll have a … Continue reading

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Otakon 2011: Convention of the “MaDOHka” Generation

It’s been a while! Since posting the last comic, this past month has been an absolute whirlwind of events, and at the end of it I somehow ended up in Japan once again. So yeah, I’m here now, and I’ve … Continue reading

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