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Mistakes of Youth@Otakon 2011 Meet Up

Since it seems some people want to meet up… let’s do a small meet up! Saturday at around 2:30 looks good. The con schedule is pretty packed with interesting things, but that looks like a good dead area. We’ll meet … Continue reading

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Mistakes of Youth@Otakon 2011

That’s right! I’ll be at Otakon once again this year. No panel this time, but if people still want to meet up (speak up in the comments!), I’ll come up with something. Last year’s meetup didn’t really go according to … Continue reading

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Omokage Lucky Hole’s “Typical Affair” Came In The Mail…

Since Analog Housou is for more long-form pieces, in addition to using this blog for posting comics and comic-related content, I’ll also use it for more lightweight posts. You know, like loot posts. And boy do we have some loot … Continue reading

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Mistakes of Youth Bonus: Roughs

Before I seriously start on a comic I like to know what goes where, so to do this I draw out a rough version of the comic. These are usually just random scribbles, but sometimes they’re okay enough to show … Continue reading

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Mistakes of Youth@Anime Boston 2011: I’M GONNA BE ON A PANEL

I wasn’t planning on doing this, but I just remembered that one of my friends who I’m sharing an Artists’ Alley table with is doing panel on doujinshi. When I suddenly had this epiphany, I asked her if I could … Continue reading

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Mistakes of Youth@Anime Boston 2011

Hey guys! Mistakes of Youth will be at Anime Boston this year! I’m no longer local to the con, but since my plans for going back to Japan got kind of screwed up, I figure I’d go up and say … Continue reading

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Mistakes of Youth Bonus: Script Drafts

Sometimes when I’m particularly lazy, I won’t fully script out a comic. But I will write a short draft to remind me of what some of the main ideas of the comic are. I didn’t fully script out this latest … Continue reading

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Fanart Gallery

Who knew such a comic would inspire people to make fanart?! Thanks a bunch guys! If you want your artwork to appear on the site, email me at wildarmsheero(at), or message me on twitter. I’ll post it up!

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I’m a guy who lives somewhere and does things. I’ve been making comics since middle school, and Mistakes of Youth is the latest iteration of my work. It’s really crappy. I guess that just… can’t be helped. I like anime, … Continue reading

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Rets  Deviant, unstable, and an all around horrible person, Rets makes even the most hardcore otaku look good. Often nitpicks about ridiculous things in shows he watches, complains about there not being enough porn of anything, and enjoys loli pornography … Continue reading

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