Deviant, unstable, and an all around horrible person, Rets makes even the most hardcore otaku look good. Often nitpicks about ridiculous things in shows he watches, complains about there not being enough porn of anything, and enjoys loli pornography way more than he should. He’s typically angry, shocked, or sad. When he’s happy, it’s usually at another person’s expense.

In short, a right asshole.



A surprisingly cute and stylish girl who enjoys all manner of otaku filth. Can find entertainment in more or less anything, and goes about life with a smile. But while generally good natured and cheerful, she can display a rather psychotic–and at times sadistic–alternate personality. Truly a force to be reckoned with.

Is a yaoi fangirl, natch.



As a child of the ’80s, Brad tends to enjoy older anime, and laments the lack of shows like those in the current day. Somehow he got roped into working for an anime store for longer than he cares to remember, and is often harassed by both Tina and Rets.

Constantly in the middle of a nervous breakdown.

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