Across the vast, dangerous and frightening expanse of zeros and ones called The Internet, there are more webcomics than any sane person is able to count. These comics all vary in subject mater as well as quality. However, across the myriad comics that exist out in Cyberspace, there are none quite like Mistakes of Youth.

While there may indeed be comics that focus on Japanese cartoons, Mistakes of Youth is unique in that it focuses on Japanese cartoons as a piece of Japanese culture, as opposed to a part of American geek culture. As such, Mistakes of Youth takes a Penny Arcade-esque approach to anime currently airing in Japan, the Japanese fanbase and general Japanese culture. Those who want a comic that focuses on AMV-making, cosplay skits and American con culture need not look here–this is not what you want. However, those who want a lovingly (and sometimes not-so-lovingly) satire on the Japanese otaku scene as witnessed through American eyes have come to the right place. In short, this is a comic for the sophisticated Japanophile.

With the subject matter of this grand opus being what it is, often times strips get rather filthy. Mistakes of Youth is a filthy comic. It wallows in filth. The lolita complex is often a subject of focus, as well a number of other gross fetishes that may put off the squeamish. Mistakes of Youth is also not a serious comic. Nearly every strip is standalone unless noted otherwise, and the characters exist simply to be as outrageous as possible. There is nothing serious about this comic. One could say it is rather silly.

With all that in mind, I do hope you can enjoy Mistakes of Youth. Its constantly changing and morphing existence may be off putting, but I hope you can at the very least derive a laugh or two from it.

–wah, a cold rainy day, March 2nd, 1985

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