Mistakes of Youth@Otakon 2011

That’s right! I’ll be at Otakon once again this year. No panel this time, but if people still want to meet up (speak up in the comments!), I’ll come up with something. Last year’s meetup didn’t really go according to plan: I wanted to talk to people in the minutes before my panel was to start, but due to scheduling issues, that didn’t really happen. So this time I’ll try to find an open time for us all to meet up and exchange pleasantries awkwardly for 15 to 20 minutes. Look forward to it!

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7 Responses to Mistakes of Youth@Otakon 2011

  1. Hazukari says:

    You bet I’ll be there!

  2. Loka says:

    I look forward to seeing you there. Maybe lunch on friday? Something more than a 30sec hallway conversation.

  3. eternal says:

    I’ll be there… next year. Probably.

  4. Matt says:

    I’ll be there, feel free to let me know when and where :D

  5. MJP says:

    Long-time reader, first-time meetupper. Once details happen I’ll do what I can to swing by. If I have any of my homebrew beer left I’ll throw a bottle your way.

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