Omokage Lucky Hole’s “Typical Affair” Came In The Mail…

Since Analog Housou is for more long-form pieces, in addition to using this blog for posting comics and comic-related content, I’ll also use it for more lightweight posts. You know, like loot posts. And boy do we have some loot today.

I love the band Omokage Lucky Hole. I wrote a pretty bad and misinformed post on them a while ago, but it’s still the most in English that’s been written about them so far. For the past few weeks I’ve been on the edge of my seat, as I finally gave in and ordered their brand-new album: Typical Affair. And now… I haven’t even LISTENED to it yet, but the packaging is a sight to behold.

Before you read on, note that this post is rated R: “Under 30 Requires Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian,” or so says Omokage Lucky Hole…

Here it is, fresh out of the box…

Now, I read some Japanese reviews that said there was an uncensored version of the cover, but nothing could prepare me for what was behind that mosaic.


The CD.

The inside of the CD case… and it only gets better from there!!

Like an ’80s issue of Playboy up in here.

Everything about this is low-rent.

This dude right here is the absolute highpoint of the CD’s packaging. For realz.

I could analyze the juxtaposition of the nude breasts against the church-like stain glass but… no.

One thing about OLH… they know where da white women AT.

Dunno if the CD is good or not. After listening to the previews ad nauseum I’ve kind of grown numb to them. That said, I know this CD will own. At the very least I know it’ll beat the pants off of Capsule’s latest offering.

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2 Responses to Omokage Lucky Hole’s “Typical Affair” Came In The Mail…

  1. Heavyoak says:

    hahaha oh wow. I miss the days when American bands had balls like that. after the blind faith album and the scorpion’s 1976 virgin killer album, bands in the usa lost there cover art balls.

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