Mistakes of Youth@Otakon 2011 Meet Up

Since it seems some people want to meet up… let’s do a small meet up!

Saturday at around 2:30 looks good. The con schedule is pretty packed with interesting things, but that looks like a good dead area. We’ll meet at the Starbucks near the registration desks. Look for the guy in the Zawa/???? shirt.

I don’t expect much to happen outside of a short meet ‘n’ greet before I rush off to the Shinkai Makoto Q&A…

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Mistakes of Youth@Otakon 2011

That’s right! I’ll be at Otakon once again this year. No panel this time, but if people still want to meet up (speak up in the comments!), I’ll come up with something. Last year’s meetup didn’t really go according to plan: I wanted to talk to people in the minutes before my panel was to start, but due to scheduling issues, that didn’t really happen. So this time I’ll try to find an open time for us all to meet up and exchange pleasantries awkwardly for 15 to 20 minutes. Look forward to it!

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Omokage Lucky Hole’s “Typical Affair” Came In The Mail…

Since Analog Housou is for more long-form pieces, in addition to using this blog for posting comics and comic-related content, I’ll also use it for more lightweight posts. You know, like loot posts. And boy do we have some loot today.

I love the band Omokage Lucky Hole. I wrote a pretty bad and misinformed post on them a while ago, but it’s still the most in English that’s been written about them so far. For the past few weeks I’ve been on the edge of my seat, as I finally gave in and ordered their brand-new album: Typical Affair. And now… I haven’t even LISTENED to it yet, but the packaging is a sight to behold.

Before you read on, note that this post is rated R: “Under 30 Requires Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian,” or so says Omokage Lucky Hole…


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Mistakes of Youth Bonus: Roughs

Before I seriously start on a comic I like to know what goes where, so to do this I draw out a rough version of the comic. These are usually just random scribbles, but sometimes they’re okay enough to show off. As such, here are the “storyboards” (I hesitate to call them that) for comics 3 and 4. Enjoy!

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Mistakes of Youth@Anime Boston 2011: I’M GONNA BE ON A PANEL

I wasn’t planning on doing this, but I just remembered that one of my friends who I’m sharing an Artists’ Alley table with is doing panel on doujinshi. When I suddenly had this epiphany, I asked her if I could join in, and she said yes. Since this is her panel, she’ll probably do most of the talking, but expect me to chime in with some anecdotes about Comiket, other doujin events, and whatnot.

The panel is called Doujinshi Tips and Tricks, on Friday at 12:00 noon in Hynes-Panel 306. See you there!

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Mistakes of Youth@Anime Boston 2011

Hey guys! Mistakes of Youth will be at Anime Boston this year! I’m no longer local to the con, but since my plans for going back to Japan got kind of screwed up, I figure I’d go up and say hi to my local friends. I have no panels, but I’ll be sharing a table with some friends in the Artists’ Alley on Sunday. It’s table 85 as per this map. Someone else is there on Friday and Saturday, so if you go there on those days I obviously won’t be around. I’ll try to be around most of Sunday, but I might duck out for bit to do other things. But my friends will be there, so be sure to look at their stuff, too.

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Mistakes of Youth Bonus: Script Drafts

Sometimes when I’m particularly lazy, I won’t fully script out a comic. But I will write a short draft to remind me of what some of the main ideas of the comic are. I didn’t fully script out this latest comic, but here’s the short draft that started it off…

tina: sexual frustration, rets

tina: they’re fat
rets: amai na


And there you have it.

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Welcome to the 21st Century

Hey guys! Welcome to the new Mistakes of Youth site, now powered by WordPress! This changeover probably isn’t of much relevance to you readers, but it certainly makes my life a lot easier when it comes to updating. For a while now I was doing it all manually, but with the comic now completely integrated into WordPress, I won’t have to open up Dreamweaver each time I want to update. Isn’t that swell?

Also, this change in the comic will mark a change in approach. For a while I was keeping up a weekly schedule, but now I’m just going to update when I can. This is because I really want each comic to be the best I can make it, so to that end I won’t rush things out. I mean, it’s not like I’m getting paid, right? So there’s no point in rushing. But with that said, it’s probably more realistic to expect comics every two weeks as opposed to every week. That’s how it’s been for a while now anyway, so you should be used to it.

At first this switchover was going to reflect my move to Japan with the characters going back to Japan as well. But since things are a little dicey over there at the moment, I’m still in the States.

Not much else to say. If you want to read the old comics, they’re online at http://old.mistakesofyouth.com. Hope you enjoy the new site!

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